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Stormy Seas

The waves crash on he shore wiped up by the gale force winds.The salty spray, the wind razor sharp


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Yellow Cat Watches The Waves

Yellow Cat watches the waves and is mesmerized by the continuous motion of the sea.

This painting replaces this  painting here which has been transformed to the one you see now,as sometimes happens with my work I saw another possibility and Yellow Cat wanted to appear again!

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To The Coast On a Spring Day

The elusiveness  of capturing the subtle English light as the sun penetrates the cloud  and bounces off the sea. Some places have bad coastal erosion with the cliffs tumbling away but this is nature way claiming back land  for the sea

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Flowering Spring

With the clocks moving forwared here in the Uk spring is quickening its pace and flower are growing, nature painting colours!

a delightfull splash of blue

Caught on camera as I walked by on the pavement

A splash of yellow brightens the close

and finally the pink and the yellow

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Chichester Spring Morning

A pleasant enough spring morning in Chichester…..

I like this view of the Cathedral especially .

I  always enjoy the perspective  this shot

,,and who can resist some spring flowers adding a splash of colour

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Waves on Rocks Good Surf Out To Sea

A good surf  out to sea swelling the ocean, the waves crashing down on he rocks

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Waves Dissolving

The wave briefly lives alone from the rest of the sea before dissolving into a million droplets to be be born again

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