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Treetops And Sky,Guidford Castle,J.M.W.Turner

From the master himself and as i am into trees painting wise thought it a good choice.

This delightful study by  J.M. W. Turner shows  a gentle English sky with the palest of blue, the trees are just so in time and place and the misty outline of the castle in the distance all pleasing to the eye

This was painted in 1807 is part of the Turner collection in the Clore Gallery ,London

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Spring Leaves On Trees With Text

The patterns that branches make with the early green of spring green.the text or whatever is accidental as it was on some cardboard packaging,but i think it works!

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How long is a piece of string? depends where you cut it. String is amzing stuff and used in so many different ways. Tying up loos ends is another phrase that comes to mind and could be related to string, also String theory A ball of string as in the above photo changes context when compared to a length of string.

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The Swan

Acrylic !0x8inches

The most graceful of creatures on water but perhaps not as graceful on land or mud.A protected species under the crown in UK . Apparently though they do divorce on occasions and not mate for life as some research published recently,suggested.

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Sketch of a Small Harbour in Pembrokshire

This sketch is done on the spot and is of Solva a small harbour on the Pembrokshire coast,South Wales . again it evokes the spirit of place and brings back memories

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A Walk Through A Wood-Pembrokshire

These sketches are from a real place of real trees in Pembrokshire, South Wales and were done on painting holiday there a few years ago.They capture the spirit of place and as I am in tree painting mode thought they would be fun to show here.

this first image I like as it is rather curvey maybe more dead than alive but still part of the landscape

Capturing the essance of place and marks on paper….

Nice detail and quirkiness of place added here!


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Graham Sutherland Bristish Artist (1903-1980)

Estuary Approach

A pencil Sketch need not be a detailed study but the idea of place.The artist here just gave a general idea and would later paint at this stage abstract stile of form and place.

Graham Sutherland was one of those essenoatly British Artists who had his own vision and related to landscape very well

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