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Van Gogh’s Chair 1888

Because it is and  painted by a master

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Autumn landscape With Four Trees -Van Gough

Vincent van Gogh's Autumn Landscape with Four Trees Painting

Always interesting to look at a painting of trees by one of my Artist Heroes and this one is no exception.

Van Gogh gets the trees just right and you get the sense of the passing of the seasons and the leaves on the trees dying

One of the trees is already has lost its leaves and therefore all you have is the skeleton of branches.

The colour of summer has gone and winter almost upon the scene

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A Wind Beaten Tree by Van Gogh 1883

A Wind-Beaten Tree

A wind beaten tree blown by the winds  atured looking tree bent and twisted with the constant battle of the elements it has had to endure. Van Gogh captures the struggle well,

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Gaugin’s Chair by van Gogh

Gauguin’s Chair, 1888
Oil on canvas
90.5 x 72 cm
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation)
The relationship between van Gogh and Gaughuin was a strange one.van Gogh had such high hopes but the feeling was not a two way thing and the two soon parted company, even so the art produced by van Gogh in this period is some of his best.
The painting of this chair you can imagine being done in a frenzy of admiration and how pleased van Gogh must have felt in painting it.
also to imagine Gauguin having sat in that chair!

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Van Gogh is remembered with sympathy as having sold only one painting during his lifetime,
and it’s widely believed that that painting was “The Red Vineyards”. This was among the works
he contributed to the 1890 exhibition staged by the Belgian avant-garde group
Les Vingt in Brussels, where it was purchased for 400 francs by the host group’s own Anna Boch,
the sister of Vincent‘s painter friend Eugène Boch, whom he had depicted
in “Le Peintre aux Étoiles” two years earlier.

It has been noted, however, that Theo Van Gogh was informed in late 1888 that a London art dealer
had sold one of Vincent’s self-portraits, although this sale has never been corroborated. Another art expert
has also suggested that “The Red Vineyard” was not sold until the year after Van Gogh’s death.

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Van Gogh The Sower 1888

Vincent Van Gogh (1854 1890)
Image via Wikipedia

The Sower 1888
Oil on Canvas
The Netherlands
The peasant sows the seed and the brilliant yellow sun let the artist speak in his own words

“I painted it at the height of the mistral [strong wind]. My easel was fixed in the ground with iron pegs, a method I recommend to you. You push the legs of the easel deep into the ground, then drive iron pegs fifty centimeters long into the ground beside them. You tie the whole lot together with rope. This way you can work in the wind.

This is what I wanted to say about black and white. Take the sower. The picture is divided in two; one half is yellow, the upper part, the lower part is purple. Well, the white trousers help rest the eye and distract it just as the excessive contrast of yellow and purple starts to jar. There you are, that’s what I wanted to say.”

—Vincent van Gogh, 1888

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A Van Gogh Quote

I an going to set myself to work from memory often, and the canvases from memory are always less awkward, and have a more artistic look than studies from nature. especially when one works in mistral weather. Weare leaving wind an rain here, and I am very glad not to be alone. i work from memory on bad days and that would not do if I were alone.
page 128 The Yellow House, by Martin Gayford Penguin Books 2007

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Van Gogh Sketch

Vincent van Gogh's Enclosed Field behind Saint-Paul Hospital Drawing

Sketch by Van Gogh of  Enclosed field behind Saint Paul Hospital

A lively sketch showing Van Gogh at the height of observation of the environment he was he was in. I like the mark making enormously .


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Van Gogh’s Bedroom

The painting shows Van Gogh‘s bedroom at Ariles this is the place that Van gogh had high hopes for even at onestage thinking of setting up a artists colony but that never comae abouti

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Yellow House (Arles) and Map showing location of Arles

The Yellow House at  Arles was perhaps not a  happy experience for Van Gogh though he seems to have produced much work whilst there.

Yellow House and Map

Yellow House and Map

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