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Boat Studies

These are doodles really of  fishing boats or ordinary boats.

I was told that if you can fit thje shape of 8 in the boat then its the right shape

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Part of My Creative Practise

I am a great believer in the use of a sketchbook as it is a direct connection with the place you have been to and the squiggles and notes you make are important to  you at the time, so here are a couple examples of  quick note sketches I did when I was down at Southsea this week link is here if you want see photos

Then i go away and it becomes a stored memory, a image to be born into a painting at a later date perhaps

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Pleasant walk at East Meon

A pleasant walk yesterday at East Meon

I love this view of the steeple of church…

A herd of cows under the trees…apparently there was a bull the other side………!

No cows here but harvest tine is nearer…..

Shape formation on Landscape this is chalk….

The bails of hay laid out….

Time for a quick sketch…Yes a pleasant walk indeed

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Cow Doodles!

Cow Doodles, getting the shape right and the pose also the patterns of the black and white. Wanting do a painting or two  on cows at some point


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Wondering Wednesday Sketches

Its been a while since I have sketched from life so this morning being a nice sunny one with a pleasant breeze i did a couple down at Langstone . I used neocolour crayon like patel and a edding pen. The second one is not as good but stillconveys something to me.


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Venice Sketch


This is of a sketch done in Venice a few years ago.
venice is magic and there are still quite places that you can find off the beaten track,best times to go are probably May or October

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Sketchcast Video Mountains

I think the sketchcast idea will work with the link, anway I am hooked at the moment!!!

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Video sketch

Abstract Landscape

The above has potential if only I can get it to show live on this Blog.


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Capturing The Image

img435Further to ealier post here is the view of the courtyard of ‘The room with a View”.

This was a old disused monestry  was converted to  a artists retreat. had a couple of really lovely holidays there.

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The Room with a View

img441This is from a sketch book of mine showing  the view from the bedroom of where I was staying in a small village  north of Pisa.

The pink of a early morning cloud and the way the road winds down the mountainside, you always knew when a car was  being driven down the mountain side as its owner hit the horn to warn other drivers. also the colour of rooftops. I hink it was the first morning as well so there is the excitment and freshness of a brand new day

a sketch book evoks memory and is more intimet than photos. You can also write notes in a sketchbook.

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