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Spirit Of Spinnaker Tower:The Power Of The Artist!

I am rather pleased with this set,though done as individual paintings . As a Artist you are in control and only limited by yourself. You can play around with things, move things around use different colour to what is there, this is a attempt to capture the essence.

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Sea Dawn

Acrylic on Canvasl

The early morning is a magic time,what will the day bring ? What will the coulours be? A time of anticipation,as the waves lazily lap against the shore

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Going With The Flow:A Coach And Horses along A Lonely Road

Acrylic on watercolour Paper

Not quite sure how this one popped up! Part of a recycled painting that did not quite work saw another opportunity and hey presto! It works for me and hope it works for you!

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Sea Patterns

acrylic on black card

Patterns the waves do make!

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A Walk with @vobes

Had a nice walk by the river between Ford and Arundel today with a twitter friend @vobes and he even interviewed me about my work as a artist for his internet  show a great day indeed,

Started off a bit dampish and thee were a couple of showers but we pressed on with our walk, better show some images from the day..

A sketch from the train  Pylons and Downs behind,

A sketch of Arundel  from the river…

By the river walking toward Arundel….

Arundel, swans and boats…

Swan Reflections and gently gliding….

Another look at arundel.

A lovely walk indeed, nice companion too though forgot to take photo!!

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You are At The Theatre

Today you are the theatre I hope you enjoy the Performance!

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Spanish Villa

As it is Hot Here is a remider of Spain! This is a old painting that I may have shown before but one of wich I am rather fond of.Hot colours for a Hot climate!


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Cow Doodles!

Cow Doodles, getting the shape right and the pose also the patterns of the black and white. Wanting do a painting or two  on cows at some point


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Landscape: A Tree and Hill At Dawn

As the clouds  of night depart and dawn breaks to reveal a new day a tree and a hill appear as in a vision. Where is the path going to around the hill? What lies beyond?

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Photos of The Hard, Portsmouth Blue Sky!

Today was a lovely day and I wanted to take some photos of the Hard Portsmouth On a Blue Sky day….

The white of the Spinnaker Tower of the Blue of the sky….

H.M.S Warrior Against the blue….

I like the angel of this shot  and the iron work or whatever tha is to the right.

..the seagull like this spot, could be different one from last time, but it dooes move!!

What a differnce blue sky makes to a scene Grey has its charms of course but Blue sky days are uplifting.

Oh Yes some sketches can be seen Here

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