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Painting in Progress

as part of my continuing langstone series this 10x11ins painting is a painting in progress

I have been painting over a old painting and this is fun because there is a history there and you build up more layers for texture.

This has now gone a bit to orangy for me but will be doing more work on it


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Painting Finished!

I really will have to stop this one now as it works fine…basicly mixed media 7x4inches.
It has certain mystery about it

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A Painting!

Time we had a painting here I think!
This is a small 7x5inches mixed media. It keeps changing and will probably change some more but is part of my foreshore series which I am developing,
The connection with the foreshore idea and more specifly Langstone is a a idea that I am exploring

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Walkabout Wednesday

A grey and blustry sort of day with light showers of rain may  seem a ideal sort of day to take photos but you can get some inspiration and it is good for monochrome studies


This shot of Langstone Mill and The Royal Oak taken from the bridge over to Hayling  Isalnd where I was going for a little meander…..


Two  seagulls not sure of the breed but they were busy feeding at low tide…..


A view of Langstone Mill again with boat this time……


A bit further along the bridge and the view now is of  Warblington Castle  and boats…all   this    time there is continuose traffic w izzing rto and fro from Hayling….


we made it to Hayling this is a view looking towards Portsmouth ……


a bit further along looking toward portsmouth still…its very blustery along here…..


a bit blurry but you cn make out portsmouth skyline Spiniker tower to your left…


amongst the brambles here……


A daisy who cannot resist a daisy?


Back to the other side again and another view of Langstone Mill and The Royal Oak


A  map shows you where we are

IMG_6083 The stream


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Down Lagstone Way


Been spending a bit of time down at Langstone a lovely natural environment near to where I live


This shot is looking towards Hayling Island and possibly Thorney to the left


The horizon line is never more than @.5 miles away I seem to remember reading somewhere

IMG_6045This is a painting  (7x5ins) that sort of is my take on the horizon line maybe at Langstone very grey and monochrome but that is part of the enviornment of Langstone sometimes.


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Summer Afternoon In Chichester


The afternoon was hot and sunny in Chichester today,the blue of the sky and the old market cross make a splendid scene .


I could not resist taking a photo of this guy sketching he was right on the corner and had a cash dispensing machine right behind him, did not seem to bother him, do not think he was after money..


look at this splendid scene with the soaring spire nad the blue of the sky…


These flowers caught my eye in the Bishops Garden…


I like the angle here this was taken behind some iron railings…..

IMG_6032 The stone floor is probably quite old as well….

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I first met Martha Marshall when were over at Blogger back in 2007/8 . Blogger was behaving badly and Martha upt sticks and moved over to WordPress, i soon followed because i saw how nice her site was and there seemed to be no uploading problems with images
Martha is an Inspiring artist and creates wonderful abstract art which is full of colour and vibrancy. Her personalty seems to shine through these paintings.
At the moment she is recovering from her move from Florida to Tennessee and is setting up a new home and studio  there along with her supportive husband,three cats and two dogs (I think I have got that right)

Martha produces these gorgeous collages

Working on Multiple Pieces

Super Dynamic work in progress


……and who can resist a artist at work

Martha i wish you well in your new home and long may you be happy there.


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Claude Cardon 1892-1920

Victorian Paintings Claude Cardon

Victorian Paintings Claude Cardon on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

A rural scene a bit over romanticized perhaps te lady standing habd on hips the cow, the chickens and the dog, not forgetting the man by the fence, there are distant view of countryside, all making us want to be there, it could also be interretated as realist though I am not so sure.

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Frederick ,Lord Leighton

Room 42 | Level 2 | Floorplans | Visiting | National Gallery Frederick,Lord Leighton
This view of a coastal scene on the Isle of wight, caught my eye

View in Capri

This painting is of Capri and the white villa perhaps gives it away as a Mediterranean scene

Houses in Capri

Another painting showing Houses in Capri

An Artist Sketching in the Cloister of S. Gregorio, Venice

….and finally this one though appears to be rather dark so not sure how it will show, but who can resist  a Artists Sketching?

I think all of these paintings  by Frederick,Lord Leighton,  are wonderful and  I hope you have enjoyed seeing them as well.

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Some Colour!

Art history lesson: Henri MatisseArt history lesson: Henri Matisse
Matisse born in the same year as the Cutty Sark was launched is a favourite painter of mine and I just love his use of colourThere is so much you coluld say about him but this is only a quick post to let you know I am still around!

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