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Butser Hill Meander

This afternoon saw a meander around Butser Hill and looking at distant Hampshire views

Pleasant Views….

Distant Views

Some Heather for luck!….

A fence post and passing cloud…

The shape in between nagative shapes and distant views….

Interesting shapes of branches tress on hillside….

Man made structure that  dominates Butser Hill

Tree and Cattle grazing as cattle should OUTSIDE!!!

A Splash of colour

A very nice meander indeed

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I See You See,What Do You See?

I see a person standing by a tree looking at something, they are in woods. What do you see? The painting is not finished but the idea is there we each arrive at this point in time with our own histories and imagination and how we perceive the world and how we look at a painting and as a artist you have power to change the viewers perception on some occassions

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To See a Tree

A tree growing there the power of the tree to hug a tree and take comfort of its wisdom

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Playing With Your Creative Spirit

Dancing and moving through the woods at one with nature and your inner realms. The creative juices flow and resonate with joy.

Are you in touch with your Creative spirit!

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The Lady In Blue She Dances Through The Trees

Being a idea really,The creative spirit knows no boundaries and takes you on journeys that you never really think off untile they happen.The dance through the trees nature creating the spirit of creativitey

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Meet You By Two Trees

Will meet you by the two trees with red leaves near the hill, See you there!

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The Pathway

Across the fields a wild and lonely place on high ground, air of mystery,where is it going? The wind continues  to be blustery and blow, blowing us along one minuet then against us the next


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