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Trees are always magical in my mind.The power of nature and the symbolisim  within trees. They take so long to grow and stand there for so many years.

The first photo is a fine specimen of a tree I think…..


The next photo is much more of a contained sort of tree but has a personalty different from the previous one.


…and finally a rather sad looking tree that seems to have lost most of its leaves,,,,and yes it is a shetland pony there that is feeding off the grass…



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Winslow Homer

After the Tornado, Bahamas, 1899, watercolor p...
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No Dates just a look at some wonderful paintings….
Two Girls on the Beach, Tynemouth, 1891 (w/c on paper)

Winslow Homer spent a year in the North-East painting though he used models the images he used are very evocative of  time and place and the struggles of man and the sea.

He certainly seems well traveled  as these next couple of paintings of Bermuda show

Shore at Bermuda, c.1899 (w/c over pencil on paper)

Glass Windows, Bahamas, c.1885 (pencil & w/c on paper)

To finish this post a delightfull image of a lady and dog, the dog is a West Highland Terrier by the looks of it.

Long Branch (detail)

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A Afternoon in Bosham

I know of someone who gets very excited by pylons and I must admit at certain angles they can be interesting,however we are not here for pylons but are having a afternoon at Bosham

A swan and ducks always make for a good photo

Visually wooden post posts are a good focal point and make for good reflections in water.

The next photo e shows Bosham Church which dates back to Saxon times.


A interesting  angel this one above, I think….

A very old Door by th look of it….

Who can resist a flower?


Someone is getting showers……


A train speeds by at Bosham station on a July afternoon…

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Saturday Clouds

The clouds were interesting Saturday Morning and the contrast between the blue sky and white cloud led to some good cloudscapes.




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A Highland Fling!

For this post’s visual delights lets us visit the Scotish Higlands….the first picture is done using watersolouble crayons and a Pental Brush Pen….
This next image painted in Acrylic and measure only about 3x 4ins,,,,


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Winslow Homer 1836-1910

Summer Squall, 1904 (oil on canvas)

Summer Squall, 1904 (oil on canvas)

Driftwood, 1909 (oil on canvas)

Driftwood, 1909 (oil on canvas)

Two different paintings by Wilson Homer similar style but done in different years and at first glance you might be mistaken for thinking they are the same one. Same colours but different stories.

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I do like Hydrangeas and this close up and cropped photo works well

This is a good Mature Hydrangea now and just carries on growing, again these photos are from the garden where I live.

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