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The philosophical question is?


The philosophical question



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Dancing with the sea and trees…..and paint

“And there I danced. And it seemed to me as if the sea and all the trees were dancing with me.” Isadora Duncan

Sometimes you see a quote and it is what you do!! Substiute the word dance with paint or even keep the word dance Dancing with paint sounds as if it can be done is done

The sea ant trees are the current theme and indeed form the main focus of the  fast upcoming exhibition! Details of which will appeare in a future post no doubt

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Landscape: A Tree and Hill At Dawn

As the clouds  of night depart and dawn breaks to reveal a new day a tree and a hill appear as in a vision. Where is the path going to around the hill? What lies beyond?

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The Open Door

The door is open dare you go through? Endless Possibilities


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Angry Sea

Mixed Media on Canvas

The waves turn twist move splash and splish with a roar crashing to the land.There is movement all around and things in a state of flux

Life can be like that  especially so at the moment is there anything such as solid structure?


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Monet Haystacks and The Transition Thing

The painting above

This Painting is by Mobet and from his Haysatcks  series Paintings, he did a whole series of these and they are wonderful.

The Transition connection? well The harvest is gatherd in and what has been growing in he field is now ready for the next part in the cycle.It is in Transiton maybe as food for animals for the winter,At the time of the painting there was still the connection between the seasons and farming,life though hard whent on from one season to the next

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Embracing The Elements Of Life!

Go with the flow
Feel the energy
embrace the sea and sky
feel the wind
The here and now

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