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Langstome Walk

A tree and  some sky….





Shapes catch the eye…




Shower cloud towards Hay;ing!!



Pots and view…




Shower cloud developing..











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Langstone Contemplation

A moment

of contemplation

magical space



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Langstone Dawn Every Dawn Is Different

with a  new day

a different day down

Langstone  way

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Capturing The Spring Down Langstone Way

A  lovely Spring  Morning  so time for a quick walk down Langstone

Hello Shetland Pony ,though  his mate was down  the  far end of the  fiield hope the did mnot  have a arguemeses in field




Spring blossom  catches the eye





Horses in field






Blossom catches the  eye







Langstone Mill  nice  percecpective







Nice  brick work




another shot














Blossom  again


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Langstone Views

Each time you go somewhere it is differrent,may be the same time of day same day of week

but something catches the eye to make a unique occassion

So it was this afternoon down Langstone way!

sunbeams and  Langstone Mill

Towards the mill

Rotting Post


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Langstone Sunset

Sunset at the end of the day

magical  time

standing there

sun in  west the

ending of  its day

the mill

always there

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Swans And Ducks

Sorry no food from me!






There! Told  you a wast  of time!











Swan and Ducks


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