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To london

The Houses of Parliament always worth a photo

St. Paul’s worth a view

Small things catch the eye

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View from a train window

Showing how lush and green everything is

And some water to




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Ever changing light


Weather changes from one moment in time to the next when showers around,ever changing light

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Portsmouth: Spinnaker Tower

Taken around Lunchtime,The Spinnaker Tower dominates Portsmouth Harbour,I

must get to the top some time!!

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Old Harry Rocks And Stored Memories

A conversation on twitter with @tina_m on Twitter brought  back some  memories  of Olld Harrry Rocks  on the Dorset coast,when the weather  was English weather and  you whent  for  the walk no matter what! There is  photo  of me but will not  frighten you  of the image of me  when about  6!

The Photo was taken in May 1964 and its interesting  how a black and white can  be as effective as  colour  but at the the time  colour was just appearing in family snapshots and everyone thought  it wonderfull,things go full circle in a way!


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Tree By The Stream

Well it Looks as is I am back in WordPress!

Been Locked out a while

Have been postng  at Artythings56   though and shall continue both I think

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Sunny Southsea By The Sea

A pleasant moment along the prom looking East.

may have been chilly but nice  all the same

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