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Chichester summer

Some lovely flowers

The blue of the sky

Nice rose

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Blue Sky Day Promise


The  promis

of blue skies

the  day will be  bright

and  glorious

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Catching The Eye

A tulip catches the eye,! I am sure my neighbour will not mind me borrowing this image….








Popular trees against the blue of the sky…




Spring flowers and green…




Blossom on tree…



All photos  seen local and if you walk you see much of interest that catches the eye

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A Nice Spring Day A Pause From Portsmouth Guildhall Square

Nice Spring weather here  in the UK Only time for three photos but buts will show blue Sky!

Lion 1  In The Sun …

Lion2 the other way….

To Finish a nice Column and  blue of the sky

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To See A Tree

A tree standing there in the long dry grass of late summer perhaps after a period of drought.There was hope of rain but the cloud disperses and the tree stands there

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Bosham Blue Sky and Water

As promised in the last post here are the photos of the afternoon at Bosham a lovely Autumn day indeed, the sky so blue and clear reflecting on the water as well

`The tide on its way ou I think sun glinting on water….

A peacefull scene…

Swan serenity….

`Bosham Church and the blue of the sky…..

A cottage and trees…

Seagull flying…

Shadow of gate on the wall…

Tree and Boats……

In a row…

A seat by a church to admire the view….

..And yes a bit of sun a ice cream van!!!

Very nice indeed I can amost forgive the weather for being so cold!

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Chichester Cathedral in Autumn Sun

Today was a fine sunny blue sky day though a bit cold I spent the morning in Chichester,you very nearly did not get to see these photos as I had forgotten the SD, so had to buy a new one as I was going on to Bosham in the afternoon  (Those photos to follow in next post,stay tuned!

The blue of the sky and the soaring spire…..

A smoking chimney pot,omeone having a fire,wonder if its the Bishop?

Another view of the Cathedral this time with part of a old wall…Lovely indeed

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A Pleasant Autumn Walk

This morning was a lovely autumn morning so whent for a walk along the foreshore Near Langsone Mill…

A pleasant pale blue sky and the trees…..

Still waters  and a seagull……..

Looking towards Emsworth and I like the shapes of theses Rotting wood pillers…..

The view looking towards Langstone Mill…

A look at the ground A Collage!!

Sparkling Waters…

Heading up the lane and love what is going on with this tree!!!

Majestic Tree and Nice bit of Blue Sky…

A look back along the lane and the sunlight and shadows.

a very pleasant walk indeed

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A Tree ,Path and Clouds

Walk by the tree on the path and see the white fluffy cotton wool clouds float across the blue sky

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In Praise of Blue Sky

Its been a largely blue sky day in this part of the world getting a bit hot on occasions though with gentle breezes from time to time

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