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Houses of Parliament. The continued Adventure!

The continuation of a history of a painting,
Blogger still taking ages to load wish they would fix it I was hopeing to post more images but have not tje time!
This painting is starting to speak to me!

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jackson Pollock and Lavender Mist

jackson Pollock
I have been studying Jackson Pollock for the past few weeks and i am reading the excellent biography on him by Steven naifeth and Gregory White Smith ‘An American Saga’
A few thoughts so far.
He had a distant Father and Dominerring Mother whatever she wanted she usually got and if she did not like where she lived she soon found ways of moving the family the y never had time in Jacksons early years to make many friends, in the end Roy Pollock kind of gave up on his family and they mote or less lived seperate lives.
Jackson lost the tip of finger when he and a nieghbours boy were plying with a axe,
The buggy he and his Mother were riding in was charged at by a bull.
There was also a journey on a frieght Train, a journey that many of his contempories made as a means of transport and looking for work, there may have been homosexual happenings on that trip but it was not something that Jackson articulated much about, there is a account that he and a friend in later life talked about shared expriences on ‘that Train’ they where however not pleasant memories for him, when he arrived home he was noticably looking in a shocking state and took a while to get over it.
i shall be returning to the subect of Jackson Pollock in the near future.

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Houses of Parliament Painting in progress

The start of a painting is always interesting, where will it go will you satisfied with it, or change it completly and start again. I have been useing a knife recently and this is a further attempt in the exploration of knife painting though I did start with a brush….


This Blog is Not Dead!1

It has beeb over a month since my last post and I am sorry abot that, now that 2008 is here I shall try to be more consistent in my bloging!
This image is from a recent painting, I used a pallet knife,sort of works…could be a water spout or anything really!

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