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The Abstract Question

Abstract painting is not as easy as it looks! This painting is not really a abstract more like random marks of paint,but that is another name for abstract.

I see woods here but with perhaps a lady in green, but you looking at this now may see different things,

A lot depends where you are in life perhaps and what  stage you are at in your Artists journey

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Autumn Wonder

This time of year the sun is low in the sky and the afternoon especially so but as the sun sinks beneath the horizon in the woods its rays catch a unkown object perhaps a forgotten fence post and the shape of a leaf .

The reds and the golds mixing in with thr red of the setting sun.

Here in the U.K the clocks go back so from tomorrow  even darker mornings


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Down In The Woods

Down in the wood the time of year a changing from the summer greens to the Autumn’s browns,gold and yellow, Trees preparing for the Winter sleep


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Railway Sleeper Studies (Photos)

Railway sleepers standing in a row…

A different perspective like a rail  road but joined up !….

Looking for patterns,,,hmm not much here…

A bit more interesting…

Like these markings across three sleepers…

Nice staines effect….

A bit of Nature dangling…!!!

lets leave them there, though there seemed some gaps and wonder if people have been taking them away?


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Boat Studies

These are doodles really of  fishing boats or ordinary boats.

I was told that if you can fit thje shape of 8 in the boat then its the right shape

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The Horse Riders

Been having a real to and frow with this painting. Do not think its quite finished It keeps changing every time  I look at it!

Do you leave well alone and let it breath or a bit more fiddle?

The age old question of knowing when to stop!

Oh and should these horse riders wear their hats,health and safety you know! But then again i am the artists,so…

Oh and this painting has al ot of texture already  built up so is almost at its end anyway!


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Spinnaker Tower Blue!

Today was a crisp Autumn Day and this morning I found myself down Portsmouth Harbour….

Ok so the first shot is not Spinnaker wait a bit and you will see, but I liked the Yellow Fishing boat against H.M.S.Warrior!..

Spinnaker Tower and the blue of the sky!…

Spinnaker Tower blue of the sky and leaves of the trees!..

So So just three photos but a nice three I think!

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