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A Quick Mountain Scene Doodle

Herewith todays entry , continuing my mountain theme and useing Corel.

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In the Mountains

As I am in a mountain mood I thought I would start with a quick sketch useing Corel painter 2 as a experiment. This digital tool seems to produce interesting effects and is fairiy straightforward to use.
A artist worth investigating is Ernest Ludwig Kirchner,his use of colour is quite vibrant
N.B The link did not quite work out on this one so just click in type Kirchner in search.
I will be returning to the subject of mountains in a future blog.

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Seventh Heaven

Well that was what it seemed like this morning.
I spent a happy hour in Hobbycrafts new superstore that opend in Havant.A bit overwhelming at first,if you can not find it there then you will not find it anywhere!

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Paintings in Progress

copyright Christopher Bellinger

Two paintings on the go at once!
My favourite themes are the mountains and the coast. Also my favourite colour is Phthalo Blue.

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A Artist Retreat

High in the hills, north of Tuscany there are ancient villages and old beech trees, in one of these villages there was a old monastry that was neglacted for many years until disvoverd by David Westby and Leon Whiton where with, combind energy and vision, converted it into a Artist retreat. They whent on and did the same thing in Puglia, on the heal of Italy, where they were featured on Grand Designs building a Arch.

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Norway in a Nutshall!

This is sketch was done during a Coach holday to Norway. A country well worth a vist. The National Gallery in Oslo was quite a find and has a few ‘Norwegian impresionistc paintings’ which were interesting to see.

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jazz Time Sun Time

Hope you like this one !

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New York NewYorK!!

This is from a painting I did after stugy trip to New York earlier in the year

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A Mountain Scene

This is turning into a long running marothon as I am not quite sure what firefox has done with some of my images they seem to be enlarged rather annoying. Anyway here is a mountain scene. Hope you like it.!
I may in futer just use firefox for text

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Towards abstract.

This was a experiment on a hexegonal shape, I am not sure about my style. there seems to be a bit of everything in it but it seems to talk about other dimensions maybe wormholes one thing leading to another.
Sorry that the whole image is not on I will take a photograph later but wanted to put this in the blog.

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