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St Pancras International

Up to London to see the new Eurostar terminal at St Pancras very large and busy. As a rule I do not do first day things and tend to avoid them.
It will be interesting to revist when things have settled down. Will post more pictures when Blogger is less busy, its a bit slow at the moment!



Cards are in one place. Time to take stock and think,where do I go from here?

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Rob Painting

Here is Rob painting, I have known him for a couple of years now since doing the Access course anf now in second year od Fine Art. His paintings have been mainly abstract.
his latest project involved leaving paintings around Southsea,,,,,,


First Year B.A (Hons) Fine Art

Level 1 Fine Art student doing her stuff for her Autobiography Project which all students who are doing Fine Art at Portsmouth do. I like this painting very much, the largness of the face is a interesting interpretation of a self portrait and I wish her well with her project!

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Project in the studio

Blopgger being a bit slow uploading today. these cards are part of ongoing project. they are on the window and are Free. when they are gone there is a empty space…for now.

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New Painting

continuing the railway station theme……

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Painting in the Studio

Happier now that I have managed to do a bit of painting in the studio… Experimentel!

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First Year Student Studying B.A (Hons) Fine Art at Porstmouth Uni

A interesting guy. He is off to Brazil for a month over Christmas, to see his Dad whom he has never seen! Wish him luck with that.
he paints different shapes and does all manner of different things, his website is very interesting to look at and worth a visit . A name to look out for I feel.


A Idea

Things are settling down…have not got specific studio space yet but hopefully within the next week or two….. my stuff on the window ledge of the studio…..making a point I suppose. a bit on the edge of things…..

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