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Patrick Nasmyth 1783-1831

A bit of art history,
I discoverd a interesting painter Patrick Nasmyth
He managed to paint using his left hand after he had injury to his right hand and he was deaf due to a illness. His financial affairs were chaotic and consequently he never managed to make any real money from his paintings, he paid great attention to brickwork and fore ground in his paintingDetail Here
More info here

I found it interesting that even though he was deaf he seemed to be able to get round this problem also the problem with his hand must have caused numerouse problems for him,.
it was during a sketching exhibion in august 1631 that he was caught out in a thunderstorm and caught a cold which turned to influenca and he subsequently died.

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View From Royal Festival Hall

A view of a sketch i did from the Royal Festival Hall a few weeks back, it may be ready now for a painting, I know the perseptive is not really acurate but one has to allow a bit of artistic licence.There might be a blog later today but wanted to test this one out as i got a funny messsage on my email about status or some such….


People sketches from memory

That is whata I am calling them at present(see title) I am doing lots of these sort of sketches in my current sketchbook and even though not drawn direct they are reresentive of something this one has a railway platform fell to it.

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Houses of Parliament from The embankment

Have been fiddiling some more with the Houses of Parliament am happier with the bridge!

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Studio Paridisio!

One of the pleasures of keepimg sketchbooks on holidays is that you can look back and very often use them as memory joggers, they somehow seem to envoke more than photos as you very often include how you were feeling on that particular day,
I stayed at the above Place in ’03 and remember it as a very pleasant holiday. The hosts were Barbera and David with theire son Jason who was looking after the art side of things that week, they usualy employ seperate tutors for each week, so making for a varity of styles to choose from.
The actual villa was a charming place very Italian and you can probably see more from the link. Happy Days!

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Science fiction feel

This encaarstic painting has a almost science fictiom feel to it, to my mind you could be looking out of a cave to a distant planet in space. This by the way is a recent encaustic work i am still trying to decide whether to persue this as a project at some point or not,

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Tower Bridge painting

This painting is of tower bridge and is really about texture of paint,,,,hopefully you can see it is tower bridge and means something for you. you can see a earler sketch book tower bridge in a previouse post.
Please note it has come out a bit darker but it still showes what i mean…

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Spent this morning in Chichester as is my thing on most Saturdays and found myself doing a very fine art thing of taking a picture of some tar on a pavemement, interesting pattern though.
Waterstones were having a book signing by someone who had written about local Jazz in chichester took photoof band playing otside


New York Skyscrapers

Have not shown many New york photos here, These from the trip made there last march. Theses are near central park.
I love the way there seems to be things on top going on, part of the architecture of course
It was quite cold then and snow still on the ground in Central Park.

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Whistlers etchings

Please note that though there appears to be two blogs for yesterday there is in fact only one the Savoy blog is in fact todays.
As a bonus have found another link on whistler
Eagle Wharfe

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