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Some paintings

Some paintings

Paintings on a wall

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To see the sea

To see the sea
Let us see

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Mountain panorama

The glory of a range of mountains!


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Paintings hanging on a wall


As by way of a sneak preview ,new space. In which to hang my paintings to
Ponder over in my new landing specs!

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Mountain Range

a  mountain range ahead

a  glorious   thing to se

Nature  so majestic\



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Tree greets the dawn

tree still waiting its leaves

greets  another day

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Garden Image

Magical garden time

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Flowers In A Vase With Pictures

Perhaps not finished but almost there! Will leave a bit for it to settle but the overall effect is interesting and promising

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I first met Martha Marshall when were over at Blogger back in 2007/8 . Blogger was behaving badly and Martha upt sticks and moved over to WordPress, i soon followed because i saw how nice her site was and there seemed to be no uploading problems with images
Martha is an Inspiring artist and creates wonderful abstract art which is full of colour and vibrancy. Her personalty seems to shine through these paintings.
At the moment she is recovering from her move from Florida to Tennessee and is setting up a new home and studio  there along with her supportive husband,three cats and two dogs (I think I have got that right)

Martha produces these gorgeous collages

Working on Multiple Pieces

Super Dynamic work in progress


……and who can resist a artist at work

Martha i wish you well in your new home and long may you be happy there.


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Frank Henry Mason (1876-1965)

Morning At Holy Island

Watercolour, pencil and watercolour on paper
width: 45.3 cm, height: 26.7 cm

it appears that this artist only became a full-time artist after World war 1 ended in 1918.Borni in North East but travelled round country painting shipping

A delightfull scene showing , Northumberland.

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