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A Group of Friends Lost? (Painting)

A group of friends out on a walk , they seem lost. which way to go this way or that way? A group decision is always more difficult to make.

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Hunting For Images Down Southsea Way

Yesterday saw me down Southsea way and hunting for Images, came away with sime good ones I think

First a quick sketch showing the Spinnaker Tower and lipstick Tower from Southsea Common

A hoverraft Speeding away destination Ryde!

Liked the juxtaposition of this shot….

My eye was caught by the monument behind the hut but on looking again the buckets and cleaning equipment look interesting as well

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Found Object: A Leaf

There I was walking along and something caught my eye.a leaf on the ground! I marveled at the patterns and texture. This leaf had grown and lived now crinkled and weather beaten.The patterns are amazing could almost be another world

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The Death of a Painting but have got the Image

This image is a example of one that almost got away I wa happy with the painting but a bit more dab dabing and the image was altered gone it died and is never more,However I did take the photo of it so all is not lost Sometimes you just have to stop sooner than you like

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Looking down and Looking up

Looking down from a plane and seeing landscape below.theses are patterns be it fields or towns,it may seem chaotic at times but nature is chaos and humans add to this though they like to think they are in control

Looking Up at the sky,Hello plane where have you been? where are you going? Last week was a funny old week a sky without planes because of ash from the volcano.You see what i mean by humans thinking they are in control they are never really

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Spring Yellow

Spring is well and truly here and the nature has been busy in this part of the world. Today a cop;e og photos snapped from the train between Chichester and Havant this am

Branches of tree with the yellow of Oilseed rape in the background….

Electric Pylons and Oilseed rape.

I am still not toatly conviced by this spread of oilseed rape as farmers seem to be fond of it I find it a rather alien colour though of course it can be dramatic, now if they were to switch to sunflowers that might be a differnent matter!!

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The Artist Painting on The Coast

The artist paints on the coast and the slip slop of the paint brush on the canvas and gentle lapping of the waves bring much joy to his soul


THIS BLOG HAS JUST PASSED 50,OOO HITS’ so worth a shout  I think! if you are a regular visitor thanks for popping by and if if you are new Hi!

Onward and upward, I seem to remember someonsaying that once the 50ooo mark has ben reached then a blog gets known about  quicker!

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The Lady in White on The Cliff Path

The lady in White venturse along the cliff path protecting herself from the sun

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Stansted Park Walk

Today I thought I would take you to Standsted Park House estate its really lovely Spring weather…

A bit of the local countryside

The wonder of tall trees….

The Glint of the sun between the trees magic!!!

To show you where we are…

The archway tree!!!

Part of ones estae you know! ……

Ones place on earth …..

Time for a quick sketch,happy as larry  and drunk with the spendpur of it all

Oh yes ther were butterflies but they were to quick today!

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The Memory Bank and Producing Art

Acrylic 8×9 in St Michael  Mount Impression

This is really about using paint thickly piles of it as it were started off witha old painting when I saw a possibility and after seeing @liz33 a twitter friend producing a wonderful image of the Mount which jogged my memory bank of St Micheal’s Mount images of so here you have the result .also its a question of knowing when to stop!!

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