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Uncertain Times

As the old Year departs and the New year yet to be born there is always the room for hope that things might suddenly change at midnight and everything will  be shiny new again.

Alas promises are soon forgotten as soon as they are made and life carry’s on the only real difference has to be in the change of number from 2010 to 2011.

Perhaps that sounds to cynical ?

Where ever you and however you celebrate I wish you a Happy New Year in these Uncertain Times


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A Day In Brighton

Yesterday saw me in Brighton ,always a busy place and yesterday was no exception with sales going on  and the in between time of Christmas and New Year,so lots of people on Holiday!Only the one photo of the station taken around 11:20 in the morning on a rather dampish  greyish soggy misty day,hence the lights still on in the station.

I like Brighton station and in particular the curve of the roof

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Dusk By The Tree

The late afternoon sun sets another short day done,

Though a twin of the painting in the last post it is not  meant to be part of a series.They work well together as a pair but as separate paintings really

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By the Tree : The Setting Sun

By the tree and the setting sun,has a wintery feel when the sun sets on a winter afternoon.

Mixed Media, There is some emulsion paint but mainly Acrylic

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A Bracing Walk Along Seashore

Let us the walk along the shore this Boxing Day (in UK), a breath of fresh air to blow the cobwebs and excesses of Christmas away.

The sound of the waves and the cry of the gulls

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Over The Hill And Far Away #6

We have reached number 6 in this series and this seems as good as place to stop! Not that i shall be leaaving fields and trees and the theme but maybe this particular style has reached a conclusion (or not)

The canvas is a 6×4 chunky one  painted in Acrylic with a Pallet knife

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Over The Hill And Far Away #5 Past The Fields

Past the winter fields which are ploughed and the earth  bare awaiting the crops to grow

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Over The Hill And Far away #3 Towards Pink Hill

This series of paintings is really about the countryside in Winter though without the snow, Nature has stripped the greenery that is leaves and is dorment really. The colour is in the sky and sunrises also sunsets


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Over The hill And Far Away #2 Shortest Day Light

Th shortest day does not bring as much light to the northern hemisphere and though the start of winter officially there is hope as we are at the bottom of the ccle and can only travel upwards towards the light


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Over The Hill and Far Away

The journey is the adventure never perhaps to arrive

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