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Life and The Universe!

I thought I would start the day by allowing things to happen or at least become more aware of what the universe was trying to say. this after reading a interesting blog Art for Life
walking across the bridge and down the other side over the railway crossing at Havant I suddenly saw a grey squirrel darting up the bridge, never seen that before , there.
Anyway whether it was because I was there and it was trying to get away it suddenly veered off and leaped into the trees! I do not know how it managed to get on the branches but it suddenly struck me that it was a leap of faith and there are somethings you just do without thinking.
Perhaps what I am trying to say is That If we all took leaps of faith we might accomplish more with our lives. It is all about being aware.
There are many symbolic ideas about this happening, but I think it means Be true to yourself
Not a original thing to end on but I think it was a book by Susan Jefferies with the title that said
“Forget the fear and do it anwway!”

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Old Painting;

A old painting of mine. It has a venetian feel to it or a more general Italian feel. what do you think? Anyway someone liked it and bought it and this was going back a few years.The image you see here is of a photograph photocopied and laminated,came out rather well.


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Scotish Highlands Revisited

Revisted a Higland scene. This time using muted colours
A bit further on after more glazes have been added.

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Something Found

Found on the ground
a early conker
It was there, on a tree,
then it fell to the ground

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Hayling Ferry

On Wednesday I used the ferry at Eastney that goes back and forth between Hayling Island and Eastney. It was a interesting crossing and there were things to see

The boats here are very old by the looks of it the one with the hole will not be going far and I very much liked the colourful one!

This is the pontoon .

The crossing over to Hayling Island


Hayling Billy Line late afternoon

Dark and light
Patterns on the ground
Abstract shapes
Catching the eye


I came upon this tree on a walk along the Hayling Billy Line. You can walk along the shore in places, though the shingle makes it hard going. I just want to take this tree and make a Site Specfic but it is nature growing and not to be disturbed even though parts are old and twisted and weather beaten, it all goes to make one intersting experiencve and I can see I am going to have to go back and do some sketching!

here it is from a different persective. I can see a face!

Here Ican see a Horse!

A bit clearer,but what forms can you see in the Tree?

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