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The Artist And His Dog Beside The Sea

The Artist paints and the dog finds something interesting that it wants to investigate.Each absorbed in a moment in time

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The Patterns The Branches Of Trees Make In Winter

The patterns that the braches of trees make in winter have been driving me crazy this year I have been looking more and more an sure there are a few abstract paintings to come out of all this observation.

My friend Martha over at An Artist Journal made the interesting comment in comments to yesterdays post that the best thing to is just play around with the shapes and see where it leads.which is what I have started on!!

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The Majesty of Trees

A tree is a splendid thing and has great power a almost spiritual power and it is united directly to the earth, when man looses his connection with the tree humanity will be poorer.

A tree without its leaves is just as inspiring as a tree with leaves at the height of summer.

You look up to the top most branches of a tree you catch sight of a cloud or wonder at the blueness of the sky.

Standing by a tree you feel its wisdom and splendor as well as its connection with the earth

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‘And Dick the shepherd blows his nail’ painting

Edward Frederick Brewtnall: 'And Dick the shepherd blows his nail', 1886

Edward Frederick Brewtnall (1845-1902)

A winery scene here for today’s painting, it feels cold and i like the tree, but there is always this romantic feeling painters evoked of the countryside even though it must have been a terribly harsh kind of life to have had

The title leaves a lot to be deired but there its it is the tile and you can feel the cold!!

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Scotish Sketch And Photo

First the Photo I knew it was a Scotish one but could not remember where, so looking at my Scotish sketchbook from a coach touring holiday of the west coast (about ten years ago….

This confirmed the location as Portree on The Isle Of Skye

Ok i should always have noted photos but did in the sketchbooks  and proovers a usefull reminder on why its a good thing to do to keep a visual diary when travelling, you are more likely to keep notes of where you are for one thing!

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Trees and Silvery Moon In Winter

Acrylic 7x5ins

The branches of trees hold a fascination when stripped of the leaves of summer  and waiting for next years leaves to grow I like to think of the trees in this painting reaching for the silvery moon a connection with the earth and the sky

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A Winter Scene

Isaack jsansz. van Ostade (Dutch Painter)

I like this painting because of the tree there are animals in the painting as well as human presence.It shows the harshness of winter.the frozen water,the harsh struggle of life and survival. imagine how cold it must have been,no central heating.

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