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Early Morning Greeting :On The Coast

The  coast,early morning,jut as light  is  dawning and before the  sun  puts on a  smile for the day

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Afternoon Walk: Good For The Soul

This afternoon whent for a nice walk. a walk amogst nature,good for the soul

The  tide as out…

a Horse….

Hello duck…

Feeding frenzy…

New wall,that did not take  three months!!!

Duck standing…

Horse and little friend!


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Under The Trees:Summers Day

A summers afternoon under the trees the  group  doing what they enjoy

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Down On The Coast: A Refreshing Place To Be


With it being so warm and muggy in Uk a nice place to be would be  on the coast with gentle winds blowing  to refresh the tired limbs.If you annot be  there you can imagine by looking at the painting!

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On The Coast Summers Day

The cloud  breaks up to reveal the blue,Though cloud around the sun  isi finaly here and the promise of

nice times ahead, by the sea

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Exploring Stormy Sea Theme

The Theme  of the stormy sea is always  interesting to expllore, the contrast  of light and dark  not so much detail in this painting but there is still lots of texture buit up and scratchings that when on!

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Stormy Sea From The Shore

After this  week  perhaps a indication of  how  I am feeling!

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Warblington Church Restored A Place of Goodness

The church…

Another viewpoint….

Inside all is peace and goodness…

stained glass window…

another  two windows….

Though I  would not classify myself as religious I do appreciate where the   peace of a church is comming from and as a peacefull retreat from the modern  hustle and bustle of the modern world ,a place to savour and  to take way a piece of its  goodness

So it was good to pop in from yesterdays walk to see the inside of this delightful Saxons church that has been with us for many years and seen many things, good to sense the atmosphere that is still there, after the fiire, and that the restoration  has been completed to good effect,

A further explanation can be founde 

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A Summers Afternoon Walk :Chichester Harbour

Oh look a bit of blue  Sky…..

Langstone Mill they are doing some work on the pond still…a

A Tree who can resist a tree?…

Some Cows!!!

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Part Of The Process:View Through Trees Sketch From Idea

Part of my Artistic  procsee I suppose Doodling away or sketching out a idea that may  or may not

become a painting, But like the balcak and white effect and thin lines that re built up

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