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Georgia O’Keeffe 1887-1986



Painting of New York at night….

Georgia O Keeffe a great artist and wonderful painter, Her New York skyscrapers were amazing works of art I think and as I am in a Skyscraper mood over at my other artythings blog

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Where The Land Meets The Sea

IMG_6438Mixed Media 10x15inches

W th a bit of this and that, cardboard bits PVC glue  ans of course Axrylic, this painting is of clifffs as you can see and is about the texture,the paint marking.

There is nothing like the dramatic impact that cliffs can make where the land meets the sea,strange things happen,contrasts  different natural happenings the land the sea collide to bring  a strange mix that works wonders with the creative mind

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Down Southsea Way


No way would you get me on top of that roof……


Clouds as taken on Sothsea Common….


Ferry leaves Solent……

IMG_6437 Nice view of one o f the forts and a boat passing

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Decaying Lovelness Continued

IMG_6418Meant to show this photo in the last post but could not find it!!!

I do like how this shot has come out and the fact the text is still there, this was from the last days of the business before it stopped . and non one has removed the sign…a sign of our times indeed

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Decaying Lovelyness




I have called this post “Decaying lovelyness” for that is what you can find if you look, even in a very run down old industrial site there are things that you find, patterns  that weeds make or abandon stuff on the ground. Walls that have been knocked about a bit and disintergrating, nature taking over, for it always does in the end.

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Harold Knight R.A 9(1874-1961) The Girl And The Picture

signed Harold Knight l.r.
inscribed Oak Hill / St Buryan / Cornwall
oil on canvas
60 1/4 x 50.5″

Formal and Proud

Standing by the window

looking at the view

by the painting

she so much admired

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Gasometer and Evening Sky


7insx5ins Mixed Media

Based on the gasometer at Emsworth which goes up and down like a yoyo ( I thought they were going to demolish  because you do not need them what with  North sea Gas? but plans change so maybe they are keeping them)

Even the Gasometer can look mysteriose and brooding in a romatic kind of way,i may be doing a few more of Gasometer studies….

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