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Henry John Yeend King (1855-1924) The Mill Pool

The Mill Pool by Henry John Yeend King - 20 x 16 inches Signed british victorian landscape ducks fishing fisherman

A pleasant country scene with trees and water plus ducks a nice place to spend a hot sultry afternoon

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A Church In Gascony

A reminder here of warm sunny days by a pleasant river and the quitnness of the French Countryside,the blue of the sky and the warmth of the sun.

The old walls of the church in contrast to the modern bridge

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Summer Tree


The tree standing there at dusk, its has been a long hot day, the land is parched and needs the rain, the earth is dry and the grass yellowing to straw


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The Power That is Trees

Winnters Trees Acrylic 10x10ins

The Power that is the tree,growing from the ground is a special magical thing. a tree can last fror many years and outlive Humans  a couple  lives or more,so what right have we to come along and destroy  them?

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Abstract Shapes,Trees and Leaonardo Da Vincei

The Patterns that the branches the trees make are ever a source of wonder the triangles and complexity of it all.

Leonardo da Vinci

seems to have had a pretty good eye for detail and event though the above study was trying to work oot the structure and growth of trees I think it is not a million miles away from abstraction, just think if he had ex;p[ored that idea then the whole of art might have changed course

sometimes you cannot analysis and you just have to go with the flow

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Brighton Dome

A old photo of Brighton Dome and the clear blue of the winters sky

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Monet Haystacks and The Transition Thing

The painting above

This Painting is by Mobet and from his Haysatcks  series Paintings, he did a whole series of these and they are wonderful.

The Transition connection? well The harvest is gatherd in and what has been growing in he field is now ready for the next part in the cycle.It is in Transiton maybe as food for animals for the winter,At the time of the painting there was still the connection between the seasons and farming,life though hard whent on from one season to the next

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