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Chepstow Castle J.M.W.Turner

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In  May and  early June  1792 he returned to  base to the base with the Narraways in Bristol , and pressed on  across the Severn estuary  to Chepstow and into South Wales  towards the view he had seen the previouse year

Turner A Life by James Hamilton  Scepter1996


Turner was  forever  moving  and seemed to  be on another  timescale as  can be seen from the above quote

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View OF Lincoln by J.M.W.Turner (1780)

This scene is one of grandure in that though the Cathedral dominates the scene it is part of the landscape even if man made,with out the cathedral would there be any reason fo the artist  tto be there?

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The Cote des Bous at L’Hermitage,Potoise (1877)Camille Pissarro

Another find from Art Finder

A view through trees always gives a  interesting effect on the landcape the otherside . The main focus  of  this p

appears to be the building beyond the tree line and the sky.

I then thought that you could start looking at the painting in a different  way,considering the trees as verical lines and

dividing the painting up,looking at the  seperate segments as a series of paintings


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John Constable Trees at Hampstead (1821)

Recently discoverd this  usefull  Art resource site Art-Finder which has  many fine paintings in  its data base.

The above painting is of splendid trees and you can be assured of accuracey when you see John Constable’s trees as he spent many hours styudying them either in sketchbooks or else oil study paintings on site

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Ivon Hitcnens:For John Constable

Ivon Hitchens from For John Constable, Untitled 1976

The use of green can be tricky in painting too muh and it can  just  look,well green,  but nature is about green and summer is green .

Ivon Hicthens has treated this subject well and the diffferent shades of green work well in this abstract painting,by the use of blocks he has managed to break down the overpowering reality of green

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Monet The Cliffs At Etretat

File:Claude Monet The Cliffs at Etretat.jpg


It is always interesting to look at how the  artists of the past painted and the impressionist are a great source of inspiration.

The  time and place are captured and you can feel yourself thee, in this case  you are on the shore looking at the wonderouse cliffs perhaps/ Or being distracted by the movement of the sea and the play of sunlight on water


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Autumn landscape With Four Trees -Van Gough

Vincent van Gogh's Autumn Landscape with Four Trees Painting

Always interesting to look at a painting of trees by one of my Artist Heroes and this one is no exception.

Van Gogh gets the trees just right and you get the sense of the passing of the seasons and the leaves on the trees dying

One of the trees is already has lost its leaves and therefore all you have is the skeleton of branches.

The colour of summer has gone and winter almost upon the scene

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