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Railway Poster

This rather lovely painting was painted in 1934 by Leonard Richmond (1889-!965).
It is a Raiway advertisment (southern Railwayposter Design) the viewer looks and wants to explore the wide open spaces.
On the description side it says it is of Ilfracomb,Devon.
By all accounts a prolific painter and one that is worth investigating further

Southern Railway Poster Design

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Under The Luggage Rack

Under The Luggage rack was where the old railway companies advertised to encourage further travel and exploration by holidaymakers many artists appeared in these over the years.
This is a really good site and is well worth a visit if you are into railways and art.
it appears to be well researched and should keep you happily engrosed for a while
Cadgwith, via Helston by Jack Merriott
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Stormy Sea By Turner

After showing that photo though I would show how Turner Painted a stormy sea, this one painted in 1834-40, there is a tale of him being tied to a ships mast during a storm, but I do not think it is this one.

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Giant Wave at Newlyn

Jacob Cockle
Interesting Photo this, shows you how dangerouse the sea can be, but I suppose some people get a great thrill from taking risks!
Would like to aknowledge the photo was from this link here
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Missing Paintings!

Caught a glimpse of a headline in The Times about paintings missed from government buildings and overseas embassies led to a whole line of thougt and i found myself here
It makes you wonder where they have gone or whether it is just another government accounting error!
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Sea Saga Part Three

As it swoops
today is good
today the sea
and spray
is free
Spirit of the
The boat
rocks up and down
on the sea
sparkling sun
strong wind
up and down
on the sea
sparkling sun
strong wind
up and down
the boat rocks on the sea

The sea is blue
the sea is green
changes around
storm approaching
the gull flies on
away to escape
the strongest wind
and swell of the sea
the waves pounding
up and down
rougher still
the swell of the sea
disrupts the work
unable to sleep
feeling unwell
cannot see

rough passage
getting darker
darker still
even though
night or
is it day
thoughts confused
shouts all hands
rough and tumble just do cannot hold on
feeling cold
feeling unwell
A crash
a splinter of wood
mishapen torn from the ship
one hand is lost
up and down
Stormy sea
Violent wind
Then hush a blue light
It is the day returned
For a while in the centre of the storm
the eye passes
Rough again
no time to loose
where are we and thoughts of home
the warmth
of the fire family names
two sons
one daughter
a wife at home
my Mary

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Sea Saga Part Two

Winters day sea
magic in the air
at one
the universe and the sense to record
to paint the sea

The harbours mouth
the calmness of the harbour
through the gap
choppy sea
rough swells
up and down

Look back
at the shore
far away
out to sea

The Cry of the Gull
dives in
the fish is caught
the meal is eaten
fly on magic Gull
and away
the cry of the wild

……..more to follow

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