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A Studio Space!

O.K i am a untidy person…Show me a tidy studio where everything is in its place then i might believe you but how many tidy Artists do you know! Are You A Tidy Artist?

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Railway Platform Paintings

The start of a whole series i feel….early morning commuters wayting for thiere train or train stations any time of the day.
this time of year I always want to paint ranges. reds or yellowes. perhaps it reminds me of the autumn leaves o or even fireworks.


A Morning In The Studio!

First Picture showes Third Year Student busy painting, Second Picture showes second Year Students discussing.


Painting and Sketch

to add to my collection of people sketches there are now paintings many more to appear i feel

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Photoshop Enhanced

This was a older Painting probably the start of my people phase. The Yellow hair was done with photoshop!

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Back to painting!

a painting I did the other day it is about intercaction or not in a Gallery, some people walking around, some standing even one looking at a picture.


In Touch with Nature!

Yesterday morning was a glourious autumn morning and i decided to go for a walk along langstone foreshore and get in touch with nature and rebalance the mind a bit.
First picture was the stream with the sparkling sun (it has come out in reverse oder so the top one is the last picture you look up!)
second pic was of the swans they do keep moving as nature does so what you point at to get a picture is sometimes a bit hit and miss!
third picture all together now aaaaaaagh,,,,sweet ducklings!
The fourth and finale on of Langstone mill. I have a love hate relationship with it as it tends to be overpainted and evereyone wants to paint it locally, if and when i do I think it will be abstract and mixed media.


the start of a NewTerm!

The pace starts to quicken and a new term starts at Uni.I put up a painting in what will be hopefully my studio space for the next year. it was the painting that I showed earlier here but it is in a new situation, site specific so to speak!


The Ghurkin and The Lamppost!

After much fiddling and swearing have finaly got the picture i wanted post the right way up! and am happy now that it is done, the earlier post was a bit of a error but i was experimenting
with the painting.
first day back at uni they do not get going to next week, we are a group of 56 now!(2nd year).
I do like these lamps and I think there is a painting of one brewing in the background!


Painting of London Late Evening

A Painting of London looking towards the city from The Thames

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