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Down on Hayling Beach

IMG_6322The sun is low in the sky and at a certain point  at this time of year this was a afternoon shot and the light effect was interesting and dramatic

IMG_6319Where the land meets the sea is always worth a look this is the eastern end of The Isle  of Wight from Hayling Island

IMG_6316I like this shot for the sky and light contrast This is looking east and the scenery changes and looks more river like in fact this is part of Chichester Harbour

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Peeling Paint



I was walking along and something caught my is the corner of a pub in Southsea and where it is it catches the full blast of all the south westerlies, so you can imagine that paint need repainting once in a while,Notice the red in the bottom photo.The cropped version is at the top and the more important photo though the red on black and white with black make for a interesting composition.


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Beauty in the Mundane

Over at my friends Martha’s blog An Artists Journal there were some lovely photos that martha took of some decaying industrial buildings. I have been meaning to take some photos of just one such decaying site that I pass nearly everyday,the site is waiting to be redeveloped into flats and residential but `I guess the downturn has put paid to that for a while


I really like the leaves and the metal grid effect in this shot


Perhaps it could be Sydney Harbour Bridge?


A bit of old cable and can have effect


That Man has been painting again!


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Painting on Cardboard

img474 10x7ins

Painting on cardbourd is interesting and gives rise to different experiences and perspectives. you can see the cardboard and this gives off a worn effect like a old wall.

When I was at art school there was plenty of cardboard around and this was a usefull at the time.

This image was painted with Acrylic


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Trees By The Shore



blasted by the wind and bleached by the sea air,salt and spray, trees along a shore line can grow into incrediable shapes. and are worth stopping for and looking. The predominent wind around this part of the world is SWso most of the trees that catch the full blast point in a north-easterly direction.


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Autumn Trees Painting in Progress

Here are two photos of a painting in progress. Though I keep thinking i should really stop now…..
I liked it here but had to do that bit more, add a touch here, scrape a bit there……


I could stop now but think there is a bit more to do!

The painting is 12×7 inches approx Mixed media but mainly Acrylic with emulsion

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A Cobweb with Raindrops

if you look closly you can make out a cobweb, Prooving that on a damp walk you can find interesting things


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