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Some JMWTurner Bridges


Joseph Mallord William Turner Bridge

This painting of a Bridge  by Turner is a lovely example of his work so full of interesting detail People by the river and the ruin on the hill are added things to look at whilst the bridge remains the central feature and  it could be argued one of the main points for the painting.

Joseph Mallord William Turner Turner 1813 watercolour, Ivy Bridge

Another bridge painting showing trees and and brudge people being less obviuse in this painting but

signs of man abound in the painting!





The Devil-s Bridge St. Gothard

Another bridge thogh a bit different from the previouse two a dramatic contrast indeed, The rainbow could be

a weather metopher for a bridge in that it links one end to another!


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Artists Statement: Mountains Mainly….

img_5660Mountains have always inspired me, from the first time I stayed in a small mountain village in the Dolomite s in 1999, and in later years, a tour by coach of some Swiss mountains , including a train journey on the famous Glacier Express and a trip to Norway, which included a train trip from Oslo to Bergen.
All these trips have stayed in the memory and with the use of sketchbooks that I have from my travels of the various motifs go towards the make up of a painting. Turner used sketchbooks extensively when traveling and would then work up his painting back at the studio.
This Small exhibition Mountains Mainly is part of ongoing research in part of the build up to the Degree Show in June ending Three years of studying for my B.A (Hons ) here at Portsmouth University

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Happy Birthday Mr Turner!

as well as being St Georges Day – England’s Patron Saint, it is also the Birthday of J.M.W Turner.



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Turner’s Travel’s 1797

The location of the Lake District, shown in wh...
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The summer of 1797 saw Turner travel to the North of England, visiting Yorkshire, coast of Northumberland,Valley of the Tweed with castle Northam and the Lake District

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Turner’s Travel’s 1795

!795 saw Turner travel to South Wales and Isle of Wight
It was during this year that he received a commission to to produce a set of drawings of Salisbury Cathedral and other buildings of the city

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Turner A Welsh Painting

Pembroke Caselt South Wales Thunder Storm Approaching
A rather Dramatic Turner this one. This of the Pembrokshore Coast. Turner was always at his best when painting the weather.

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Turner Further Welsh Adventures

As we left the last post on Turner in North Wales I though a painting of North Wales appropriate for this post. Llanberis Lake and Snowdon - Caernarvon, Wales
There is also a good article here which adds to the knowledge about Turners Welsh travels.
If we are being accurate I know that I have only shown one painting but there is a link!

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