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Spent this morning in Chichester as is my thing on most Saturdays and found myself doing a very fine art thing of taking a picture of some tar on a pavemement, interesting pattern though.
Waterstones were having a book signing by someone who had written about local Jazz in chichester took photoof band playing otside


New York Skyscrapers

Have not shown many New york photos here, These from the trip made there last march. Theses are near central park.
I love the way there seems to be things on top going on, part of the architecture of course
It was quite cold then and snow still on the ground in Central Park.

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Whistlers etchings

Please note that though there appears to be two blogs for yesterday there is in fact only one the Savoy blog is in fact todays.
As a bonus have found another link on whistler
Eagle Wharfe

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Monets ‘Sun breaking Through The Fog’

As part of my Westminster To Tower bridge research I have been Looking at Monets London paintings of the Thames and smog link(new scientist)
Christies Images/Corbis)

image from Christies
Monet painted Sun Breaking Through The Fog’ in 1904, from the window of his hotel room in the Savoy
Web Musum. Paris

It is worth quoting a passage from Peter Ackroyds excellent biography of London, Vintage
page436 quoting Monet on London Fogs.

“Then, in London, above all what I love is the fog….that gives it its magnificent breadth. Those massive,regular blocks become grandouse within that mysterious cloak.”

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Views From The Savoy Hotel. London

Whistler’s Nocturnes
Just a brief blog on Whistler I need to do some more research on this. He called his night pictures Nocturne because of the use of very little paint. Whilst still oil they were indeed almost watercolour also very few coulours again the metopher with music was very clear to him,

Whistler also made some interesting Studies of views from the Savoy as the link below shows

Monet also stayed at the Savoy and the picture shown is of Waterloo bridge painted in 1900
Waterloo Bridge

Comming right up to date TheThames Project
Kurt Jackson did a whole series of paintings featuring paings of thames and publihed a interesting book on his sketches


Sky Blue

When I was out at about 10 this morning the air was so fresh you would think it was winter. it was so clear and crystal sharp that it was mind blowing in a dazzling sort of way, I had my camera with me and took a couple of shots. I always wonder where these planes are going and comming from!i think one had just taken off from Heathro or Gatwick(5Omile away) Perhaps the plan was America Bound?(Second Pic)
anyway hear is another one to finish Off


new blog

I have started a new blog on the themes of 100. My first theme will be doodles
I hope hope you will find the experience interesting, there may be other thems comming up in the near future we will wait and how this journey develops.

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