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Chichester summer

Some lovely flowers

The blue of the sky

Nice rose

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Chichester Cathedral: After The Rain

The  Shower  passes as  they do

The Cathedral as  it  has  always  stood

has  seen  many  passing  showers


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Chichester Delights

Some lovely flowers greeting you as you enter The Bishops Garden…

Love the shape of this…

Nice Palm and  Cathedral love it…

A gorgeous shot of flowers…

You could almost be somwhere else with this shot

The Bishops Garden is a special place,unfortunately they seem to be changing certain things and some of the layout, I am not at all convinced and may do a bit more research and another post on this,after all this is meant to b a positive post

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Chichester Spring Morning

A pleasant enough spring morning in Chichester…..

I like this view of the Cathedral especially .

I  always enjoy the perspective  this shot

,,and who can resist some spring flowers adding a splash of colour

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