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A Bit of Collage :Yacht

The  use  of collage  is  quite successful in  this  image!


So it becomes  mixes  media  as  well

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The Yatch

The Yatch

Sailing the  sea


Blue sky day

with gentle

Lapping water

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Edward Hooper The Long Leg 1935

The Long Leg

The Long Leg


by Edward Hopper

As I am in a lighthouse mode for painting I though I would show a painting by Edward Hooper that feature a lighthouse with the added bonus of a yatch, as with many of Hooper’s paintings it seems to have two things going on in this case the yatch at sea as well as the lighthouse on the land and these are the main focal points. The lighthouse helps those at sea at night or bad weather, so the yatch and lighthouse seperate but need each other, there is always this sense of space in many of Hooper’s paintings




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