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Autumn golden

Autumn golden light
In the woods

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Painting on wood this was by of experiment on some wood Interesting

This is by way of a experiment



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By The Last Tree In The Wood

img759By the tree

the last tree in the wood

standing there

Dawn rising  light  begins

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Puddles In The Wood

Ater the recent  rains lots of puddles were around.

Seeing the blue in the sky reflected also the  white clouds inspired this painting in  a way.

It is  also another way to break up the overpowering  green of the woods at this time of year, though nice to see,can be overwhelming and a interesting effect has been developed in this painting  I  think

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Painting Growing

This is  a growing  painting bits added from time to as the shape wants to gow so it will and  the shape the space is so to speake

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A Walk By The Copse

A day that is bright

blue sky around

wispy clouds

The trees you see

but detail

hidden   by the brightnewss of the light

For those of you unfamiliar with term copse the defination meaning  is here as

in different counteries the word may mean a different thing!

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In Between The Trees

In Betweeb the spaces of the trees to see more trees in the depths of the wood

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