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J.M.W.Turner Finding Bridges

Turner painted a few  bridges in his time.They  may be part of that painting  and  not the main souce  of the inspration  but none the less still there.

The construction of Prebends' Bridge at a location that captured fantastic views of Durham Cathedral and the riverbanks has made the view from the bridge the classical postcard image of Durham. This isn't a recent thing - JMW Turner painted the view of the bridge in the 19th century, (but used artistic license to show more of the Cathedral, and included the Castle as well).

As in this painting Of Durham Cathedral. Turners use of dramatic licence in evidence here as regards the Cathedral position  but  the  lovely golden  hue he creates makes for a dramatic painting.

Westminster Bridge and the House   Parliement burning, though again the bridge not the main focal pint the dramatic event of 1834 recorded here  by Turner .He sketched from  the vantage point near the scene to  . The use of Light and darlk emphises the dramatic qualitey of the fire.

Another atmospheric  painting  two arches caught in time  as if suspended in the elements (or pollution)

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