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Spinnaker Tower Sunset View

Not neccessary a specific view a view that you may see if

you were in Portsmouth at  sunset time down by harbourside

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Spinnaker Tower : Morning Sunrise

Being a artist  you can be  inspired by somthing you see in this case Portsmouth Spinnaker Tower. You can then move  things around  change the view point and be the master of  your own universe!

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Portsmouth: Spinnaker Tower

Taken around Lunchtime,The Spinnaker Tower dominates Portsmouth Harbour,I

must get to the top some time!!

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Spinnaker Tower Blue!

Today was a crisp Autumn Day and this morning I found myself down Portsmouth Harbour….

Ok so the first shot is not Spinnaker wait a bit and you will see, but I liked the Yellow Fishing boat against H.M.S.Warrior!..

Spinnaker Tower and the blue of the sky!…

Spinnaker Tower blue of the sky and leaves of the trees!..

So So just three photos but a nice three I think!

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Seagulls and H.M.S. Warrior on a Grey Portsmouth Day

Was a grey Autumnal day in Portsmouth though did manage to take one rasonable photo before it came on to rain! This was taken around 2 this afternoon!

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In Victoria Park,Portsmouth

Today was a lovely Autumn day and spent a while this morning in Victoria Park

like the contrast here note in nature yes but not Corporate colour schemes!

Oh Guess who!!!!

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The Essence of Painting

This post is about the painting process and sometime even I have something I am not entirely satisfied with so this painting is ongoing

Good that I took a photo of it as alas its no more but looking agin It could have been developed more, however painting is always a learning curve….

Part of the scene where I was ,looking towards Portsdown Hill from Hayling…..

Taking the essence of landscape and form mixing it all up…..

Sketching has its role and a more direct contact with paper….

Patterns of Land,sea and air all play a part,,,

And will all stay in the memory to become the image to paint

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