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Winter Sun Through Tree Branches

The wintry Sun Caught between the branches of trees. The photo was taken through a window and shows the network of branches   of tree in winter

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Victoria Park (Portsmouth) Blackbird

Normaly a blackbird will fly away making a noise if disturbed! This one seemed to stay. Taken yesterday when it was very cold and perhaps it was just hungery ir just tame because it is a park blacbird. Do not forget the birds this cold weather


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Looking down and Looking up

Looking down from a plane and seeing landscape below.theses are patterns be it fields or towns,it may seem chaotic at times but nature is chaos and humans add to this though they like to think they are in control

Looking Up at the sky,Hello plane where have you been? where are you going? Last week was a funny old week a sky without planes because of ash from the volcano.You see what i mean by humans thinking they are in control they are never really

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Hello Tree!

I see this tree almost every day and say hello as I pass! I like the way at certain viewpoint it reminds me of the excellent work of a twitter friend Walt Pascoe.such energy and dynamisim!

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A Winters Tree in The New Forest

File:New Forest lone tree 01.jpg

This is a lovely photo of a tree in the New Forest, Hampshire It capture what a Winters tree is all about, the bare branches and the setting sun, there is also the patterns that the branches make,Inspiring indeed!

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Langstone Mill Then and Now

Came across this interesting image of Langstone Mill as it was when it was a windmill.Always interesting to compare the old with the new

Langstone Windmill 1869.jpg

The Photo below may have appeared before but the vantage point is similar o the old image

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Newlyn Boats

I like this old photo of mine that i have just found. The arrangement of boats in a quite corner of the busy fishing port of Newlyn, Cornwall.


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