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Tower Bridge a busy day ahead

A day begins
Another busy one


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Evening Pink


The  evening sun sets

the palest pink

for a  few seconds

then is gone

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Vase OF Flowers By Window -Painting

A Vase of Flowers by a window.The light source is behind and what is ousude can be as inteesting as what is inside even though the vase and flowers are the main focus.

Outside we can see a roof and perhaps the   Chimney pot  as well as the Garden.


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Not So Perfect Installation

View with Cardboard Gallery

View with Cardboard Gallery

So all in all a very interesting effect, I feel!

Lamarna Photos

Lamarna Photos

Have called the work for this semister ‘ Not So Perfect’ . as you can see the photos are left as they are.

A Corner of My Space

A Corner of My Space

This shows the influence of Cornwall and its cliffs you can take any of the Newlyn Artitists and spot the Cliffs.,



Abstract shapes

Just shapes really after seeing some of the absract paintings at Pallant house gallery which was interesting, Still inclined towards Klees work further research needed. The theme o the exhibition was music and the influence on Klee and kandinsky. LOooking at my doodle again it is perhaps more Kandinsky

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