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Charles Thomas Burt (1823-1902)

Artprint of  Harvest Time, An English Summer
Thought i would show this as it is just a nice painting of countryside perhaps over romanticised but none the less a pleasant Painting.

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Portsmouth & The Arts!

Have a look at this link here if you are interested! This may only be of interest to people in Portsmouth and surrounding areas but I am sure the same sort of things go on elsewhere.
First Portsmouth always has these grand schemes, the last one being was that it wanted to be a Capital of Culture All well and good but it cannot get the showing of Paintings right or exhibition space as the third floor in the central Library shows. It has been neglected of late and there was a time when there were decent shows there but the curator left and her replacement seems to be keeping a low profile.

With regard to the Library I notice that as from February they are reducing opening Hours and closing at 5 every night!

The pyramids down at Southsea is under threat of closure now that could be a excellent cultural centre but it is not in the centre of Portsmouth so that idea is a none starter.

Going back to the centre of Portsmouth, remember the Art Gallery on the Guildhall space right at the entrance of The Guildhall square? Well that closed as well.

Now they want to move out of the present Library and Museum and go into a purpose built centre holding both Museum stuff and Library!
So they want to be a Capital of Culture?

I somehow do not think so.

Well hows that for a rant!

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London Sights!

Today a quick visit up to London. It seemed a bit quiter a bit more subdued but maybe that is just me and it being winter.

Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament

I always like the view from here !

seagull and london Eye!

seagull and london Eye!

A forelorn looking seagull!

Big Ben Through The Railings

Big Ben Through The Railings

Big Ben is 150 years old this year.

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Norman Garstin: A Steady Drizzle

The date of his painting remains unknown and once again the subject may not seem to inspire, but to those who know Cornwall and Penzance can vouch for the realism this sort of scene depicts.
This shows the scene at the top of Market Jew Street if my memory servs me correctly.

Norman Garstin - A Steady Drizzle.jpg


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The Rain It Raineth Every Day by Norman Garstin

The Rain It Raineth Every Day.jpg
I do like this image which at first sight may not seem to be very inspiring, a wet cornish day, but you can almost feel the dampness and notice the two dogs!
The wave splashing over the prom. Also Penzance Church in the background, no I like what the painter has done.

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Starry Night by Van Gogh

Time for a Van Gogh. This of course is Starry Night, the swirling stars !
Somtimes you can over analysis things and forget what it is you are meant to be enjoying looking at !

Starry Night


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Wilkie Collins Visits Cornwall!

Wikie Collins visited Cornwall wrote a book about it.The link is here Tintagel Castle

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