Kurt Jackson A Inspiring Artist

30 Nov

As I may have mentioned before one of my heroes is Kurt Jackson and a couple of weeks ago managed to find a book on him at Chichester Waterstones.
It is full of fantastic paintings by Kurt jackson of the Cape Cornwall and gives a truly remakarkable insight into that area.
It is collaboration between another artist. this time a artist who uses words Ronald Gaskell who lives in the area of Cape Cornwall, the fusing of his poetry and the paintings work very well.
The book reminds me so much of the painting Holidays that I took with Bernard Evans ns who is still going strong and has a very interesting website.
Which reminds me that I have not mentioned Kurt Jackson’s latest touring exhibition which is The Solent Project and on at Gosport…..the painting once again are wonderful and he capture the area very well, I was taken with a painting that did did on Newspaper and ink more like a sketch, this of near Lymington and doneon the local paper…..recycling at its best!

A kurt by Kurt Jackson

Kurt Jackson

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